LingQ shows wrong hint

This old bug has popped up again. Wrong hint for a LingQ. See screencast

Also, pay attention to what happens with the word heimreisen. It goes from yellow back to blue after a refresh

@spatterson - Thanks! We actually had a report yesterday about a similar issue that we were able to reproduce. This issue may also be related. Does this happen often or is it just every once an a while?

I was pressing enter a bunch to turn all the blues into yellows.

When this happens there is always a pause/freeze when making the lingq. then the next new yellow lingq is “broken”. There’s probably a fun-to-debug race condition in there somewhere

This has been happening since the last update, and very outrageous on some days like yesterday. Today, don’t know yet.

That happens very often. After reloading the page, it’s OK for some time, but then …, again. Very frustrating.

I have this problem too from time to time especially with my account. With my daughter’s account it seems not to occur. The difference is that I always look up words in the dictionary. She usually uses existing user hints.

I have the same problem! When I switch from dictionary to user hints and vice versa very quickly!

I think the problem is we use the system too quickly!! or the fact is :the system is to slow for us!


@all - Thanks for your feedback. We’ll do some more testing here and see what we can figure out. If we need any other info we’ll let you know!