LingQ Review badly needs a filter option to make it useful

I’m sure this has been suggested but I’ll write it down here.

For LingQ reviews and the “View all LingQs” there must be an option added to only see words NOT moved to “known” yet. We are forced to review words that we LingQed when we were Day 1 beginners which doesn’t make any sense. We should be allowed to filter the word list in “View All LingQs” and for “Reviews” based on 1,2,3,4, or Known so we can review WAAAAY more efficiently. For now it’s faster to just flip back through LingQ lesson pages to find the words I should review which obviously shouldn’t be the case.

For a really great example of this feature working correctly just take a look at the Learning Languages with Netflix chrome add on and see how you can color code words from subtitles and then filter to which ones you only are interested in reviewing on the side tab. LingQ should be able to do this.


If I go to Vocabulary tab, there is a button “Filters” that does exactly what you describe. I can filter to whatever level I want. I can specify a course, lesson and other items.

If you navigate from the lesson the way you are describing…after clicking “View All LingQ’s”. If you then click on “Manage” it will bring you to the Vocabulary tab…and already filtered to that specific lesson it looks like. From there, if you are interested in specifying the LingQ 1, 2, 3, 4, known, just click Filters…Choose the filters you want, then click “Apply”.


Very helpful, that’s what I needed, thank you ericb. Good solution for now, but ya this should be possible in the LingQ review settings within the lesson itself but ya thankfully it’s possible in the Vocabulary section with the specific lesson filter.

I also should mention I exported my filtered words from the lesson into a spreadsheet and just discovered an issue with the letters looking strange.

ao invés E ao invés de estar aquela relação…
escalada …ter que dar uma escalada boa.

I had not heard of Learning Language with netflix Chrome Extension before. Very cool! Its like Workaudiobook and LingQ combined for videos !

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You’re welcome! Agreed, it’s a little convoluted how to get there. Hopefully in 5.0 something like this is a little more seamless to get to from the lesson itself.

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As @ericb100 mentioned, you can use Filters on the Vocabulary page and filter out words you want to Review. Other then status, you can filter LingQs from specific courses/lessons, change the Sort By etc.

Ya it’s a very impressive tool. It’s really stepped up since one year ago too and has a youtube extension in Beta right now but I think the official version comes out tomorrow and that has been really useful. In my perfect world LingQ and the LLN plugin would get married haha.

Ya that’s my bet. Or at least it’ll be able to be resolved faster in the new version since that was a big goal was to be able to fix bugs faster than now.