LingQ Reivews

I do not know what your thinking is with the LingQ review part of this app, so I may be missing something here. I am going to describe what I see and what I minimally wish for in its place. It will be your call after that but I think you need to revisit this part of the app sooner rather than later and fix this issue to it is obvious what is going on in this area of the app.

In the “New View” one cannot review all LingQs for a lesson on one session. This is not obvious to most people and many not even realize that they are not reviewing all their LingQs for a given lesson and have no idea how far they are progressing with learning their missing language elements.

Wish List
I would prefer to be able to review all my new vocabulary and phrases with the tools there for any given lesson. If it is a large number and I get tired, I can opt out at any time by simply clicking “Back to lesson”

If you want to restrict this list length for any reason, then you need to make it obvious to the User how to continue with more reviews of the LingQs and how far the User has progressed with the review. By this I mean that it is not enough to choose some sort of “Continue Reviewing” button because I, as the User, do not have any idea how far down the list of LingQs that I have reviewed.

So in conclusion, first, I would like to be able to see all my LingQs when I am reviewing the list and, secondly, I would like to see a counter of some sort like the progress bar that lets a User know how they are progressing with the new LingQ learnings----in view al all times. Actually, the progress bar shows might resolve both my issues but perhaps you can think of a better way to do this.

Again, it is your call.