LingQ Power User Webinar

Hi Everyone,

Here’s LingQ’s Power User Webinar - recommended viewing for those new to the platform.

Learn how to import from Netflix, review your vocabulary, and much more.


Thanks, this is very helpful.

And you do sound like Steve :slight_smile:


I am an Englishman presently trying to get my head around (learn) Spanish. All was going well until LingQ decided to translate via Google from Spanish to Spanish! Arrrrgggghhh …and users suggestions in the top right hand box are also in Spanish when they should be in English.

Can anyone please tell me how to remedy this?

Thank you.

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I am not sure I this will help you or not but since you are new to Lingq, I think that this might help you in some way. If you are refereeing to the fact that google translate tries to translate a word form Spanish to Spanish then I’m afraid I can’t help you (you’ll have to wait for a Lingq’s employee’s answer).

But as an advice from a beginner to an experienced language enthusiast I’d say that google translate is not that good of a choice. I personally use dictionaries like wordreference and Collins you can access these if you click on the button for wordreference and Collins in the list of dictionaries that lingq uses. There are advantages to using these two over google translate.

Best wishes, from a Lingq veteran :wink:


Thank yo so much. I will await an answer from LingQ support and start using Word Reference and Collins. Very good tip.

I’m not a Lingq veteran but I am of a certain vintage!!

Could you possibly have changed your Dictionary Language to Spanish? You can adjust your Settings by clicking the Gear icon on the Reader page. Make sure English is your default Dictionary Language.

This webinar was very helpful to me as a new user of lingq. I think it would be good to keep this pinned in the forums for future new users.

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In the Power User Webinar, Mark says,

I sometimes put hiragana or pinyin in the translation. I do it because the what the pop-up shows is incorrect.

Do you put pronunciation in your definitions? If so, why?

That is the one time I do add the transliteration. We are working on an upgrade that will allow you to easily change the transliteration shown so you will no longer need to add it to the translation.


Thanks, Mark,

That will be a nice upgrade.

What is the purpose of creating LingQs? What is the advantage of it?

LingQs let you create a meaning/hint for each word and phrase LingQ you create. This serves a number of purposes:

  1. Gives you a concise meaning to refresh your memory every time you click on it.
  2. Allows you to review those LingQed words and phrases using our SRS review tools, either for a page, lesson, all lessons or using the tagging system to filter targeted lists.
  3. These yellow LingQs become indicators. They show you that you have seen those words before and are learning them. They help you recognize common phrases you have LingQed before.
  4. As you progress, you move your LingQ status up and they become lighter and lighter yellow until you make them known and they become white. This progression means that over time your pages become lighter in colour since there are fewer blue words, the yellow words are becoming lighter and more words are known. This helps you visualize your progress and is very motivating.
  5. We track all your LingQs and let you see which words you have learned and added to your Known Words. In the end, this tracking makes you want to do all your foreign language reading within LingQ so you can track all your activity and vocabulary.

Hi eric
Thanks a lot for this link. I just saw the Webinar and it’s very useful. I am new to lingQ so it helped me a lot.


Is it possible for you to extend the capability of LingQ importer extension to other media consumption sites like 2DF(German channel for Television series) or Amazon Prime. Is it technically possible? I mean, I have access to a lot of German content on these two sites unlike Netflix where mainly Dark and Dogs of Berlin are available in the German language.

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The LingQ browser extension works great with 2DF, importing both text and audio from most of their content. I have yet to try it on Amazon Prime. But, if you do give it a try, I would love to know if it works for you.

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It only worked on 2DF. Just a slight update: on Amazon Prime, it did grab the content but not for the subtitle of an episode - only the main description of the Television series. I tried it with the big bang theory and Dr.House - the same problem.

Side note: It’s called ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), not 2DF. Although their logo looks like it’s 2DF :wink:

Zweites means two/second.

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Second, yes. That’s why it was a side note :wink: