Lingq pops up instantly to the next word

Hey I have since today a problem with lingQ.
Each time when I click on a new word and I add the translating into it or just click on the ‘known’ button. Instantly pops the next ‘unknown’ word lingq popup, but before it didn’t popup instantly. I find it very annoying because I rathed click on the ‘uknown’ word myself liek before.

Can someone help me?


I have this new problem too and can’t figure out how to turn it off.

Yeah I can’t turn it off and its quite annoying right?

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Yup, me too. For me it happens specifically when I click “known”. Same behavior when I hit “k” on the keyboard. When I choose a translation or hit a number to save status 1-4, the pop-up/widget closes instead. I haven’t tried it with the side bar.

(One more interesting obversation: I just happened to have the same new word twice in a row. When I clicked “known”, it jumped to the second instance, even though that one was already “known” at that point. So it seems like the software chooses where to jump before processing the input - otherwise it wouldn’t have jumped to a (newly) known word.)

Same thing’s been happening to me, I just thought it was a new feature I’d have to complain about. My main issue with it is that when it jumps, it often blocks half of the sentence you’re in the middle of, making it hard to get into what you’re reading


We need them to see it and fix it, beause Its so annoying this new popup.

Did someone of you fixed the issue?

in wich language are you speaking lol

This has already been reported and acknowledged.

We are looking into it.