LIngQ Plaza needs a logo

I have put a link on my blog to LingQ Plaza. I’m a bit stuck for a picture for it. I have used the LingQ logo, but to my mind that should indicate a link to I need a picture that says “LingQ’s place to hang out on YouTube”. Any ideas?

A crowd of Steves in national costumes?


Hahahaha that would be awesome!

We actually have an image like that! I just posted it at LingQCentral. Feel free to use it.

I like it!

I need some way to make it the same size as the other logos, because it’s way too big as it stands (see

Due to popular demand I’ve played around with the image and uploaded a few new versions to the post on LingQCentral above. Hope it suits!

Once I’m back home, I’m going to take a techie course (is that how you spell tekky?) so that I can use the images - wonderful stuff!

Have a Crunchie :slight_smile: