LingQ phrase / words appearing to save, but not saving

In Japanese Mini Stories (18, 19. 20), I’m trying to save a phrase / word as a LingQ.

It appears to save, but then reverts back to not being highlighted when I move on.

It’s only happening consistently on a few words / phrases in each story (the problem phrases are different in each story)

Is it to do with the red outline on the phrase?

I think it may have to do with saving individual words / smaller phrases (lingq), then saving a bigger phrase (red outline) that includes the smaller words/phrases. If I then delete individual words / smaller phrases within the bigger phrase, I can’t re-add smaller words / phrases within the bigger phrase. Hope that makes sense!

Please see screenshots below.

thanks for your help

Thanks for reporting the problem. I will look into it.

If you check on the Vocabulary tab, is the phrase saved there as LingQ properly?

Hi Zoran,
Yes it’s saved properly under the vocabulary. thanks for looking into the issue and hope that helps

Hi Zoran,
Thank you. Is there any update? I’m getting the same problem in Mini Stores 20 and 21, which makes it awkward and a bit frustrating!

The issue you reported will be taken care of in LingQ 5.0 which will be released soon. Thanks for your patience.

Oh that’s great news. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the new release.