LingQ performance

Hey everyone,

Due to terrible performance issues (Android app sucked, the downtime and extremely slow servers) I experienced in February, I quit using the service. I haven’t been able to find anything better or at least similar to LingQ. I really miss reading and listening with it.

In short, the idea and system behind LingQ is great, I love it and need it in my life but the technical details sucked awfully in the past.

Here are my questions to the community:

  1. Has the Android app improved in the last 3 months? I experienced random scrolling to top, laggy word lookup and some crashes on 3 different devices from 3 different manufacturers.
  2. Has there been any significant (1h+ downtime) lately?
  3. Is the server performance that I’m experiencing right now (ping of an average of over 10 000 ms) a temporary issue? I wouldn’t be able to use the site comfortably if it happens all the time. I live in Warsaw, which is the capital city of Poland, and there are no issues with other US-based servers. My internet connection speed is over 50 mbps (in theory and most of the time in practice as well).

Thanks in advance for your answers. Take care :slight_smile:

Hello algiegray,

Sorry to hear that performance issues caused you to quit. As we announced at the beginning of this year, we are working on LingQ 4.0 which will improve a lot of performance issues as well some features.
The server performance is an improvement we’ve worked on and have switched to Amazon this week. This will improve the speed and offer better scalability for the future.

You’ll also be pleased to know that we haven’t had many Android bugs report recently and the new app will be finished and released close to the launch of LingQ 4.0

I’m happy to hear that :slight_smile: I’m glad that the issues will be fixed in the near future. Do you have a release date or is it kept in secret? :wink:

We’re not announcing a release date yet, but we hope the server performance and stability improvements will be noticeable in the next few days or so.