LingQ Paragraph Limit

Hello there. I’ve been trying to import a lesson from Youtube but LingQ is cutting off about 20 paragraphs from the subtitles text. It is supposed to have 165 paragraphs, but LingQ cuts it down to 147.

Why does it happen? Is there a paragraph limit?

There is a word limit. I think it’s 5,000 words.

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I see. But the funny thing is: if I import it directly from Youtube, it cut off part of the text. If I import the same text from a non-srt text file, it imports the whole text without splitting the lesson. Gosh, it’s so annoying I’ll have to do all the importing manually.

To be more specific, there is a word limit for each lesson, but if you import a text that is longer than that limit it will break it up automatically into multiple lessons, so you do get everything and you don’t need to do it manually.

As other users mentioned already here, longer texts are split in parts and you should see Part 2 etc…

I was aware of that, but I don’t seem to find where that limit is.

And, beyond that, the problem is: when I import it from Youtube, it splits the lesson into 2 parts, but when I download the subtitles and upload them to LingQ, the same subtitle text is not split into 2.

To be more specific, I download the subtitles, remove all the srt time stamps, and then remove all paragraphs from the text (I join the whole text into a “single line”). After doing so, when I import it to LingQ, the lesson is no longer split into 2 parts, hence my post here.

Because my main concern is: is there a PARAGRAPH limit on LingQ? Because from my experimentations mentioned above, it seems there is a limit for paragraphs if you consider the fact that I when I removed the paragraphs and srt time stamps from the text file, the whole lesson was imported without being split into 2 parts.