LingQ Overview: How it Works

A brief intro to LingQ - why is it effective, and how does it work?

LingQ is not your average language learning tool. It mimics the way we acquired our native language. There are no tests or memorization drills, and if used correctly, students retain what they learn more deeply than when forced to memorize vocabulary lists. Students absorb the knowledge they need through reading and listening to content.
LingQ is a canvas for students' language-learning experience, equipped with statistics and flashcards to supplement reading and listening and track individual progress.
Students learn from the following sources:
  • The Library: An extensive Library of content is available in most languages. There are single lessons and Guided Courses, which are bundles of lessons. LingQ provides some, and some are user-generated. As there is a vast quantity of high-quality content available across the web in various languages and skill levels, users are encouraged to upload and share what they find.
  • Importing their content: Students can import articles from the News Feed in one click. They can also import articles, ebooks, songs, Netflix, and Youtube videos that they find on their own. Our import extension makes that instant and straightforward. Here is where it gets exciting - learning from content that is genuinely enjoyable for the student makes learning fun. Students are encouraged to find interesting content for themselves, and they should abandon a lesson to find something they like if it's not engaging.
When an episode of Netflix or a Youtube video is imported, the closed captioning becomes a transcript in the LingQ Reader. This way, students can read what they hear for a multidimensional experience.
Here's a quick intro to the magical LingQ Reader (more in-depth tutorials provided later):