LingQ Online Store at Cafepress Selling T-shirts

A thread on this forum from 2008 references a LingQ online store.

This is the thread: Targets: I Want A Gold Star! - Language Forum @ LingQ

This is the url of the store:

Does LingQ advertise the store?

Is the store still active?

Sure, the link is here: Lingq T-Shirts - CafePress

Thanks, Alex.

There needs to be a coffee mug, that way I can remind myself what I should be doing each morning.

I second that, a large mug, please!

An espresso cup for me please!

Your wish is my command. Large and small mugs along with a drinking glass have now been added. :wink:

I’ll be making the order when I’m done with my traveling in two months :slight_smile: I’m happy you added pint glasses. I was needing to invest in one, seeing as I turn 21 in a couple days. I was worried this would negatively affect my language learning, but now I’ll be constantly reminded about lingq.

I have actually done it: I’ve bought myself a large LingQ coffee mug as an early Christmas present. Should be here next week or so. Perhaps it’ll inspire me to do some work on my languages rather than just write silly comments in the forum?


I like the idea of a mug or a glass but I would prefer to order them in Germany. There are lots of shops on the internet that can create you lots of products for example:

I would love to have a bag, a breakfast box, a cushion, a glass or a mug with a LingQ logo but I would appreciate a more creative and special one. Why don’t you offer some creative logos and ideas for download that the members can use to order the products they want to have at the shop they prefer? You could offer them in a rectangle, square, round or oval shape and in different colours. You could even make a contest in creating the templates.

And then you can add pictures of the different products in your blog (or somewhere else). What do you think?

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So, why not having a logo competition or the like for the next LingQ newsletter? :slight_smile:

Interesting ideas, Vera and kigoik! We will see what we can do to either organize a place to download some creatives for this purpose or to have a contest to produce some.

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Well, the mug has arrived, it has already had its baptism of fire: it holds one-and-a-half normal mugs’ worth of green tea.

It is not for the faint-hearted, it is big and there is no bone china in sight. The interesting bit is that it seems to have come from Prague so didn’t cross the big pond, just the Channel. Now I have to find out whether it’ll stimulate me to do some actual learning… Doubtful.


@Vera and kigoik - We’re not sure of the interest level for this kind of thing. For now, why don’t you just send us an email letting us know what you would like in order to create your tshirt or mug and we will try to send it to you.

I’m not so creative. That is why I thought it would be nice to get some ideas from other members :wink: