Lingq on mobile!

Having lingq’s flashcards compatible with mobile devices would be very great!

Especially iPhones!

Yes, a mobile/iPhone version is high on our wishlist, too!

I usually have the cheapest cell phone device possible… but “this” would very likely make me change my habits…

When will lingq be available for my pager?

We’re working on getting your pager to emit smoke signals of your flashcards…

Does LingQ not work with the iPod touch’s browser? I was briefly considering getting one for this purpose.

I’m not sure what LingQ looks like on an iPod or touch but we haven’t done anything to make the site compatible with those devices so I would assume it wouldn’t work that well.

Well I have the blackberry curve and when i got to flashcards the screen is weird…the words dont show up or anything…but you can still tell that your on the right page when you see the the yellow area…the graphics show up but not many words