LingQ on iPhone

Have you guys tried to use LingQ on the iPhone? I can see the website and everything but am not able to listen to the audio of my lessons.


I’m not sure that LingQ is fully suported for iphone…

I don’t have an iPhone, I have a Blackberry (well, actually, it’s my husband’s phone). I wasn’t able to listen to audio either. That wasn’t necessarily a problem for me though, since I have an MP3 player. I would download the mp3 of the lessons to the iPhone.

I think it is impossible to listen to all audio files on i-Phone, but sometimes use Flush card and check my wall. I-Phone is very useful everywhere.

But if we download LingQ’s audio files to i-Tune, we can listen to them.

But if we download LingQ’s audio files to i-Tune and send them to the i-Phone, we will be able to listen to them on it.

I will try to do download the podcasts to the iPhone. I have read somewhere here on the site that you can enter the transcriptions as part of the podcast info so you would be able to see the text and listen to it.

I think it would be great if mobile access to the website was supported, such as from iPhone, blackberry, etc, from the web navigators.
Hope this is included soon!!!

Hi marbatis,

At my iPhone i use free app iLingQ. It make possible read and listen all LinqQ lessons from library. Trues be told, In this apps appeared only lists of lessons that you open earlier at website, and apps works only if you have minimum basic account. But I think it’s enough for efficiently learning language with iPhone.

That’s true. The ilingq app works for basic account, not for the free one (which I have).