LINGQ on iPhone

I could not use Lingq on my iPhone because the OS was not updated: the iPhone was too old. Now I have a new iPhone with OS version 16.5 . When I click on the Lingq symbol, the app opens and then disappears immediately. What can I do?

I have the same issue with an old Ipad I’m using. App opens and then immediately closes.

@benscheelings : I don’t understand one thing. Have you updated the app? If you don’t see the update request on your app updated list, go to the LingQ app in the App Store and see if there is “update” instead of the open button.
Update the app to the last version and then see if it opens.
Otherwise, open all apps from the tab manager (sliding from the bottom of the iPhone to the top to access all tabs of opened apps in the background) and close all apps (sliding the tab of the app from the bottom to the top).
At this point, you can turn off your iPhone completely, wait a minute and turn on the iPhone again.

This should help doing some iPhone self organisation and see how it goes.

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Can you tell what version of LingQ it’s trying to open? Did you INSTALL it, or did Apple “copy” from your old iphone? If the latter, my hunch is that you’re trying to open LingQ 4 and you may need to go to the appstore and install Lingq5 (not sure if you might have to uninstall the old app).

The actual version on iOS is 5.3.11 updated 1 week ago.

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Thank you for your help, Davide! I removed the app from the new iPhone and wnt to the Apple store to download the newest version. And now it works!


Yes Eric, I think Apple copied the old version from my old iPhone. I did what you say: I went to the Apple store and downloaded the latest version. Thanks for your reaction!

Great, glad to hear it!