Lingq on IpAd2

I am not able to play my audio lessons on my Ipad2. Any advice?

I don’t have the iPad 2, just the iPad, so I’m not sure if it will work the same way. The easiest way is to use the iLingq app. Alternately, what I do is click the download button to listen on the iPad. If the download is on an external website, it will go to that page, and you won’t be able to read the transcript at the same time. You also need the apple headphones to be able to pause, and I haven’t been able to rewind.

@humberto - The current audio player uses Adobe Flash, which does not run on the iPad (or any iOS device). In order to listen to the audio, you will have to do as aybee77 suggests and tap the download button. This will load it in the built-in media player on iOS devices. You can also, as aybee77 suggests, use the iLingQ app, which makes it possible to listen to the audio and continue to interact with the text.

Is this why I can’t create LingQs on my iPod touch?

Thanks, everyone. I already got the iLingq app installed on my iPad. I am able now to listen to the audio and read the transcript at once.

I really aprreciate all your help.

@James123: I guess that it is the same problem. You should also overcome this issue by installing the iLingq app.