LingQ on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

I wonder if anyone has tried using the LingQ App on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

I would appreciate it if someone would share his/her experience in this regard. Is it much nicer or is there nothing special about it?

Hi there! I use it on the iPad 2018 and occasionally use the Apple Pencil. It’s not a Pro model, but in my experience it’s not much different from the usual. I haven’t noticed anything you can do with the pencil that you can’t normally do with the tip of your fingers haha I just find it a bit more comfortable when I’m in bed. But i don’t think it’s worth the investment just to use it on LingQ. It’s great for note taking and if you plan on integrating other apps into your study routine then maybe there will be a difference. You could maybe print some lessons and take more extensive notes on an app like Good Notes or Notability, if that’s the kind of thing that helps you study :slight_smile: But again, i don’t see an advantage in getting it just to use LingQ as usual.

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Thank you for your informative reply!

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Using those cheap dollar styles might be good. Else you can get a clone for $17. It doesn’t have pressure sensitivity though.

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Steve says he like to use a styes. I got one from the dollar store.


Thank you toomsie for your input!

Could you please send me the link to that info whether it’s a blog article by Steve or one of his youtube videos?

Yes I use LingQ a lot on my iPad Pro with the apple pencil. I like it a lot. But I do prefer using my computer because it’s easier on my neck.