Lingq on Google Chrome problem

When I use Lingq on Google Chrome my wall is interconnected with the lessons grid.

How can I solve this issue ?

@MADARA - I’m not sure I quite understand. Would you be able to email a screenshot to LingQ Support so we might have a better idea of what is happening here?

I wanted to say that my wall and the lessons section is situated at the left of the page , one under the other.

I’ve just sent an e-mail with the picture in which the issue appears .

@MADARA - I checked but no email seems to have come in. Please send it to support (at)

How about now ?

@MADARA - Thanks, it came this time! I checked but didn’t seem to be able to reproduce this issue. Would you be able to clear your browser’s cache to see if that helps? Also, would you try logging in with incognito mode in Chrome to see if the issue persists?

Thanks for the advice but it still doesn’t work.

@MADARA - Hmm, we’re having a bit of trouble figuring out what may be causing this. Would you also send a screenshot of the top of that page? Also, is this only an issue in Chrome?

It only happens on Chrome ( I’ve just sent you another picture ) .

@MADARA - Thanks for the additional screenshot. I checked with our development team quickly but I don’t know that there is much we can do short term. The only two solutions we can think of are clearing the cache (“the beginning of time”) and disabling any extensions. If this continues to cause issues for you I would recommend using another browser such as Firefox when browsing the site.

Thanks again for your advice but it didn’t work again. I’ll try to apply the other advice you gave me .