Lingq on a tablet landscape

I just bought a tablet and the lingq app wont switch to landscape mode.
its not so comfortable to hold the tablet vertical.

is there a solution for this?

This could depend on the kind of tablet you have. On my iPad (5th generatiion) the landscape mode works perfectly.

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Which tablet are you using @Jannis7?

Medion tablet with

I have an android tablet and landscape mode does not work. Why?

We don’t have a landscape mode available for the Android app for now., although it does work fine on some devices in landscape mode too.

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Which devices (for android) does it work in landscape mode? Hoping to buy a new one so would appreciate that info.

Sorry but I don’t really know. LingQ app isn’t supported at all in landscape mode, but I do remember that some users mentioned on the forum it works for them, so I guess there are some devices that can force the landscape mode, but not sure how good that looks.