LingQ often loses my place in lesson

I find that after I leave a lesson, then later come back, LingQ has often lost my place and starts over from the beginning.

So I have to go to Page View and click through the pages until I see blue words again which wastes my time.

I’ve seen this happen when I close the lesson then immediately reopen it.

This is an elementary expectation for software usability. I don’t recall seeing this bug until a couple months ago.


Yes, I’m seeing this on all platforms as well. Very annoying. It doesn’t happen all the time so it’s hard to say what is causing it. I thought switching platforms, but I think I’ve also seen it happen when I’ve stayed on the same platform.

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I did a small amount of investigating into lingq bookmarks for my own purposes. I noticed that the bookmark is saved by what position of word are currently visible. e.g if you are in sentence view it will know to display you words 396-407 for sentence 52 or whatever. When in page view the bookmark is the same just extended to how many words you can see.

Bookmarks are triggered by pressing the left and right arrows and are not triggered by scrolling the green bar at the top. (you can use this too quickly fly through pages) The green bar is relative to your screen size. so on small screen you will need to zoom 20 pages, big screen 4 pages etc.

Reasons why I see bookmarks failing

  1. Loss of internet connection (unlikely)
  2. LingQ account is overloaded. (e.g you are currently importing or transcribing a lot while reading)
  3. LingQs server is overloaded. (Possible - response time fluctuates throughout the day and busy periods)
  4. Some bug in the code which is preventing correct bookmark saving/retrieval in some circumstances. (possible)

Thanks, we will investigate this.

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Plus, I suppose the position of the audio is done in the same way? Very often, if it doesn’t lose the place of the text, it does it with the audio, or a combination of the two.

That’s why I can’t rely anymore to be sure to come back and find the same spot where I was at the last time. I always write down or screenshot the position! :no_mouth:

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Bookmarking is definitely broken

I tried to save the bookmark of this lesson, no bookmarks were triggered and it posted my position as -1 when I left the lesson.

The audio position was consistent but then it reset when I pressed play.

Getting bookmarks appears to be failing.
//post after leaving lesson

post on going back in and pressing play
post after pausing after 1 sec

the issue seems to be with bookmark position when using sentence view

I first used page view → went forward a couple pages. Bookmark is set at word 150 or whatever.

If i go to sentence view and start from the start my current sentence position is not saved just the latest bookmarked page view… until I get past that bookmarked section.

If the words and audio position inst mismatched it works great.


If “Paging moves to known” is checked in Settings, it will remember where you left off, but it won’t return there. However, at the top of the page there is a green progress bar. It will show the place you left off. Click on the very end of the green bar and it will take you to that position. It’s hard to do it accurately, but it gets you within a sentence or so.

If Paging moves to known" is NOT checked, all bets are off. It doesn’t maintain that progress bar and most of the time you have to search. In that case, I just click somewhere on the progress bar, then keep clicking to the right until it no longer advances. That’s where you left off.

Yes, it used to work months ago, then suddenly stopped working. I’ve reported it several times so I guess someone is working on it.

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That hasn’t been my experience. I have my settings with “paging moves to known” NOT checked, and I never had any trouble with bookmarks until this week. NOW, sometimes it saves my place and sometimes it doesn’t.

“In that case, I just click somewhere on the progress bar, then keep clicking to the right until it no longer advances. That’s where you left off.”

Thanks for this, I’ll give it a try.

I’m occasionally seeing where even the green progress marker isn’t showing even though I’m halfway through the lesson. I actually have to click paging until I start to see blue words and then more or less figure out where I left off.

Unfortunately, again, it sometimes does have the green and sometimes not. Mostly it does, so I’ve not been able to recreate at will.

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The main problem on these things is inconsistency, which means that users don’t trust the app anymore in these different situations.

It doesn’t matter if they fix it somehow, before gaining trust it will take a very long time, at least for me.

Of course, I hope they will fix it but I’m just sharing that frustration is not so easy to be regained by users that have experience failure multiple times. Even worse when you don’t have communication if they fixed a bug and how.

I always take screenshots and write on the top of it the page I was, so I have both the audio and the page. Plus, I prefer shorter lessons because I have lost the bookmark multiple times with longer lessons and it is quite painful to find the right spot again.

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Quite so. LingQ has a ton of functionality that I don’t bother with because I don’t trust the app anymore. Bugs, bad design, and not knowing if the features which work today will work tomorrow.

LingQ is the most unreliable commercial software I’ve ever used. However, its core functionality is so great that I will continue to work around its problems.

If it were up to me, I would stop adding new features and bulletproof the core features.

It could be the codebase has become unmanageable and needs a big rewrite.


I agree on everything but this one, because the last features of Whisper, TTS and possibly new AI tools are in reality quite needed and have improved a lot my use of this software.

I would prefer they would hire another developer dedicated to fix things, so that the current developers could dedicate more time to update some of their knowledge to build the future of LingQ.

It’s quite poor across devices.
Whilte traveling, it’s useful to be able to move form phone to tablet. I have to adjust screen seting constantly on th ephone as the Linq screen as lots of clutter and spaced writing.

While I’m here, I can’t start my own posts; it gives a techniclal error.
I tried to explain why I use lingq to someone thinking of other apps. It’s hard to make a case:
-poor navigation and shortcuts
-poor free mode
-poor initial experience

The core function is great but it could be better.


This appears to have been fixed.
Thank you. It will be a time saver.

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It hasn’t fixed for me. Yesterday, I did part of a lesson on the web. Later that evening, I opened the lesson on my android phone and it placed me back at the beginning.


Probably some sort of cross-platform problem.

I only use PC, and as of this morning it still works for me both in page view and sentence view, with “Paging moves to known” checked or not checked.

Could be. Except I rarely use the website version and mostly am on the android version. I do also change the language I’m studying. Could also be related to that. I haven’t really found a pattern to be honest.


I’m all for LingQ improving itself, but in my experience over the past year the reliability of core functionality seems to be a low-priority.

I suggest more thorough regression testing with an eye to core functionality for each revision – before it is presented to users.

As things stand, LingQ users are essentially unpaid alpha testers for LingQ. Which is not right.

Count me as a burned LingQ user who won’t touch more advanced features, because the core features are so indifferently supported.


Definitely not related to cross-platform. I had read part of one lesson yesterday morning on android phone. Tried later that evening and was back at the beginning. Green progress bar there though.

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This is so unreliable I’ve started keeping track elsewhere - not great.

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