Lingq offline for entire books?

I’ve done some googling regarding Lingq’s offline functionality, and while it seems to be possible, I wanted to ask the community whether or not anyone had ever tried to use Lingq offline long term - that is, reading for example an entire book in offline mode.

Would it be possible in such a case to use Lingq as like an offline version of Google translate for the words in that book with the appropriate text to speech function?

You have to do some steps to be able reading lessons offline.

  1. While you’re online, open all the chapters you want to read than offline.
  2. Make sure the course is in the list of your 4 recent courses.

In offline mode you will not be able to see all translations. There exist rare words for which no-one have created any LingQ, such words will remain without translation in the offline mode.
You may mark words as known but you have to make sure the application keeps alive. I have to hold the application open during my travel. Otherwise the known words will not be added to your statistics next time you get connected.

Offline mode is much better than nothing but it has some “features”.

As Ress says, you do need to open all chapters online in order to access them later offline. I’m not sure about the 4 recent courses point. I haven’t had any issues. All opened lessons/courses should appear in the My Lessons tab. I do do this as you describe but prefer not to read the whole book this way. As Ress says, words that have not been LingQed before will have no definitions. I either ignore these or guess at the meaning but tag them with “check later” so that when I am next online I can find the list of words I have tagged “check later” and confirm their meanings. Likewise with phrases. Most phrases need to be looked up.