LingQ of the Day

I already had this problem long time ago. Now, I had a longer stop with learning, and the problem comes again.
I want to have in LingQ of the Day with the index cards - one side in German, the other side in English with my example for using.
How and where can I find it - or is that no longer available.
In this way, I can have it now, it is spoken in a way that I mostly cannot understand.
Thanks - Irene

Hi Irene,
After you start reviewing LingQs, click on the settings button on the top right and there you can adjust what to show on back and front of flashcards. After you adjust your settings they will be saved and remembered for future reviews.

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Thanks Zoran,
I detected, there were too much case with a tick. Now it works like I wanted to have it.
BUT, there is now possibility to make corrections for the English word (what I am learning).
I can write in the other box, where my native language is, but no longer in the part of foreign language.
Do you know a possibility?

It’s no longer possible to edit the term, only translation. We don’t recommend editing terms since that will remove original context from the card too. Instead I suggest you to use “Import Vocabulary” button and import word instead of editing already created Hint.
Or, if you would still like to edit them, you can use direct link to old vocabulary page and do it from there: Login - LingQ