Lingq mobile app issue

Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how exactly to select a phrase in the lingq mobile app. In the web client, you highlight with your mouse cursor the words of the phrase, however in the mobile app this functionality seems to be absent. Please advise.

On the app just tap and hold on a word and option to highlight a phrase will appear.

So holding the word does nothing, however when I tap a word I can see a gray box encompassing the blue/yellow word. This gray box represents a community translated phrase however it is seemingly impossible to click on.

Additionally, I am unable to highlight my own phrases in the mobile app. Intuitively speaking I should be able to highlight words on my phone just as I would on my desktop PC to make phrases into lingqs, however that functionality is either absent or I am doing something wrong.

Are you on Android or iOS app? Just checked on my Android device and phrases highlighting works fine. Please give it another try. Make sure to tap and HOLD a few seconds on a word, then when you release the tap, highlighting should appear. When you highlight the phrase, “Add LingQ” button will appear above it to save it.

Android. I tap+hold a few seconds on a word and the highlighting appears. However, it does not allow me to highlight anything other than the word I have selected.

Here is a screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Which device and android version are you using? Do you have latest LingQ app version installed?

When you tap + hold, you should see both a popup with two options (“Copy” and “Add LingQ”) and two yellow “pointy balls” on either side of the word…tap + hold one the “pointy balls” and drag it to highlight more words.

Your screenshot looks like what you would see after:
a) just tapping a word (not holding)
b) tapping and holding the word, then pressing “Add LingQ” on the pop up (the popup gives to options of “Copy or Add LingQ”)

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
This is what it looks like when I tap+hold, no additional window pops up. The only thing that occurs is that the text pops out at you as seen in the image (3rd line of text, 2nd word from left).

I’m on a Mi 8 Lite
Android Version 9 PKQ1.181007.001
I installed the LingQ App 4 days ago at the time of creating this thread, so yes it should be up to date.

I posted a picture below in response to ericb100 displaying what the “tap+hold” feature looks like on my app.

Please contact us on support(at) , we will need to do some further investigation. This problem seems to be related to your device only.