LingQ Mini Stories Story 5, word order in Hebrew

In LingQ Mini StoriesStory 5, there is the sentence “גם לה יש הרבה שיעורים”. Wouldn’t it be more usual to write this as יש לה גם הרבה שיעורים ?

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יש לה גם שיעורים -
“she has lessons, as well” - meaning she has several things and lessons in addition.
גם לה יש שיעורים -
“she, as well, has lessons” - meaning that someone else has lessons and she has them as well. :slight_smile:

Sorry I missed this great answer until now. Thank you! Wow, how long until someone can know a new language well enough to see this subtlety?


No worries! It’s difficult to follow all the notifications. :slight_smile: Well, it’s a tiny little thing, just a matter of experience - and - as Steve repeatedly says - “comprehensive input”, in Krashen’s words. :slight_smile: The more we learn, the more intuitive these things become. :slight_smile: