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I started this thread 6 months ago as I knew that there were lots of people who wanted to learn lots of different languages, myself included. As far as I can remember I felt that there were lots of people wanting this, that and the other but nobody seemed to have a plan.

I thought that I had a plan and made this post but nothing came of it at the time. Right now, I’m in a situation where in the next two months I will be able to play a more active part in helping with the MS project. Exactly how remains to be seen.

My eagerness to help the language community that has helped me so much in these last 6 years or so got the better of me and I mentioned somethings prematurely. As of right now I have nothing concrete but I’ll be coming back to this in a few months.

There are a few things that have caught my attention of the last couple of years. This might be a great success or it might lead to nothing but I think it’s worth bringing it up.

  1. There have been a few ways to generate mini stories in different languages.

There have been talks about members forming a pool where each participant pays one part of the bill for paying for translations and recording. I have followed post regarding this matter but while the basic idea is good, I think there are reasons why it has not worked.

I bet it would be really hard to keep track of many different variables, who wants to learn what language, what if someone drops out of the pool, will that demotivate other participants and the list goes on.

  1. There are lots of members asking family members and friends/etc. for help.

I believe there is at least one lingq member who deserves a mentioned for his/her commitment to ask around from friends and family, that is WinterShaker. There might be more people but WinterShaker is one member whose name has popped up in many “How to get language X on Lingq” types of posts.

  1. There are lots of members that want to learn all kinds of languages.

While the language learning community is small compared to the “home cock” and “Sunday league sports” communities, we are a colourful bunch. I would have never thought Finnish was so popular, sure it might not be the top priority for students but still.

There are many different languages that I might learn want to learn if there is a easier way to go about it as far and wide as from Lithuanian to Swahili and Greek to Hawaiian or who knows even High Valerian but I guess that might be a bit hard to get into lingq, hehehehehe.

Conclusion: Create a thread that serves as a market forum

In a way if we were to create a thread where people can offer their help and show interest for specific languages, we’d only be centralizing an already existing practice. I think one problem with having people asking for different languages in individual threads is the fact that it catches only a fraction of people’s attention.

If there is one thread where people can offer their help or show interest in a particular language it gets more attention. Take Catalan for example, I have followed threads relating to getting Catalan on to lingq ever since a person asked if there anyone who could help with it, that caught a lot of attention.

Of course Catalan being a romance language and since it has been in the spotlight for almost a decade it has gained a lot more recognition. There are of course many languages that do not.

There was one member who I believe worked on half of the required stories and then a lot of people offered their help to finish the project. This communal spirit is one of the reasons that tipped the scales for me in terms of translating the mini stories. So, if enough people show interest it might convince people to help out.


Heh. I am flattered by your mention, but really, despite quite a lot of asking around, I have only actually achieved success at helping to get Bulgarian over the line so far, and maybe, if things go well in the next few months, Breton as well (and by the way, my friend has recorded the first seven of your Finnish mini story translations, but I still need to edit the audio; I’ll get on the case with that when I have time). Still, I am generally keen with the idea of crowdfunding the translations for languages that are obscure enough that the site owners are reluctant to invest in paid translators themselves.

In any case, I’m only as keen on the mini-stories as I am because I’m generally too lazy to plough through beginner material without the benefit of an assisted reader like LingQ :slight_smile:

So, to the extent that there are not already volunteers working on them, I am happy to contribute to the crowdfunding of: Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Sakha, Tuvan, Scots Gaelic (yes, my interest in languages is very strongly correlated with enjoying the singing that comes out of the culture in question) and, what the heck, Klingon. Gotta spend my weirdness points somewhere, after all.


I think a more central place on this site for the suggestion/creation/pooling of resources of new languages is a good idea.

The recent Catalan thread I’ve been following with interest for the reasons you mention, and also as a source of ideas on ways to possibly proceed in getting other languages I’m interested in on to this site in a supported way.

In particular, I’m very interested in having Irish and Icelandic on LingQ asap (I have other interests, but these are by far the top), to the point I’m willing to put my money to making it happen sooner rather than later. It would be very helpful to have a good place on the site for others who are also interested and willing to pool resources to get it done. I don’t know anyone personally who speaks either of those languages, nor do I live anywhere near somewhere they’re spoken. Professional translators and interpreters are quite pricey, so I was thinking that if no one could find volunteers from people they know, reddit, etc, that alternative means of getting it done could be discussed.


" only actually achieved success at helping to get Bulgarian over the line so far".

Still considering that learning obscure languages is a really niche hobby and most native speakers of the lesser known language might be vary of doing the chore. It is all the more reasons to laud your achievement and willingness to ask around.

As a language enthusiast it has not been the case, I have actually gained a new found appreciation for the Finnish language. Also, I must confess that while the lingq mini stories are a added bonus to learn a language it is not a sine qua non for me as well.

Breton would be really great since it is the one Celtic language Duolingo doesn’t have. I really enjoy learning language in family clusters, rather than jump between five or ten completely different languages.

I just found this post! I would be interested in contributing to any language I find interesting. Not sure if this got anywhere from here?

At the moment I would be super happy to contribute to Estonian, cause I think it’s a language I could basically learn in LingQ, since it’s similar enough to Finnish. My OCDness doesn’t really let me to use Finnish for this reason (I know some people do that), but would love to contribute if there is any effort.

Languages I would be interested atm: Hindi (although I think it’s coming), Estonian, Northern Sami, Welsh, Basque, Maori, Mongolian, Swahili, Klingon (yes, I see this might not happen)

It’s quite convenient that this thread should pop up right now. I am currently in the process of becoming a self employed writer. I have a pretty well thought out plan to hopefully get more content to lingq. I don’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep but I just want to let everybody now that I will take an active part in this as soon as I can get some more important things sorted out of the way first.

I would be interested in Basque, Swahili and Corsican. And of course many more.

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We could make a Finnish team to work on this xD I also noticed there are still not full set of Finnish mini stories (not sure how it got to be a beta language without, but I’m happy it’s there), so I offered to help with that.

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Yeah, actually the Mini Stories project is something that kicked off 3 years ago. Finnish was already on Lingq when I joined in 2014, that’s way some languages doesn’t have MS.

I’m not sure what’s in the works, but I’m particularly interested in seeing Icelandic and Irish so I can move beyond my basic books and pimsleur courses. Maltese I have a good resource for that will take me to B1, but I’d still like to see that too. Other than that, I enjoy dabbling in new languages immensely and fully support as many new languages as the LingQ team can handle.

As far as crowdfunding or pooling resources, I’d be interested in that for any of the three I mentioned (as I did in the post here from 5 months ago—I forgot about that until after I submitted this) although Irish in particular because my resources there are running out.

Yeah, there is noting concrete at the moment in the works on my part other than a very detailed plan. At the moment it’s just a plan as it is contingent on a few things that I hope to have resolved in the next couple of months.

Update on that, by the way, and sorry that I’ve been so slow in prioritising this project. I’ve still got to edit the audio of my friend reading stories 9 to 14; she was going to do stories 15 to 20 as well some time after she got home from the Christmas holiday; we didn’t meet up in the early part of the year and, well, it’s not exactly an essential reason for travel now. But the translator from YouTube has proof-read stories 21 to 51. I wanted to check with you, though - some of the names of the characters are just the same as the original English names. Would you be happy for me to swap them out for more typical Finnish names, so that they flow a bit more immersively?

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Well, I’m still here, still interested in all the languages I was interested in earlier, and it looks like the two matches that we both share are Hindi and Klingon.

(though I too would be interested in at least having a look at Estonian since I already know a little bit of Finnish and it would be fun to see how they compare)

" Update on that, by the way, and sorry that I’ve been so slow in prioritising this project."

That’s alright, I also feel a bit guilty of not having done more to help Lingq out with this MS project.

" Would you be happy for me to swap them out for more typical Finnish names …"

Yeah, that’s fine by me.

I contacted a tutor in iTalki asking if she would be interested in doing the Estonian and if so, what she would charge. I have a friend of Estonian origin in Finland, so I’ll try to also ask her if she knows anyone that might be interested. I’m a native Finnish speaker, so I think Estonian should be fairly easy for me to learn just by reading in LingQ. I tried a face to face course once, but it was too slow and I feel stupid trying to learn it from English…

So, I’m at least starting with that. Let me know if you take steps on the other languages! I would be interested in helping to make them happen. I do belong to a Learn Klingon group in Facebook, so I could ask if there was interest (some enthusiasts might even do it for free). I mean the person who’s translating the Star Trek Discovery Klingon bits is an admin.

Guys, let’s simplify:
What about the following 3 easy steps?

  1. Vote for the next language we want the most.
  2. Select the winner and crowdfund the translation of the mini-stories.
  3. Find some to do the job/ pay and go back to step 1.

I would be happy to contribute monetarily and I believe there are other members who think likewise.


Regarding Klingon, I did ask about that a good while ago, and a couple of people responded but nothing ever came of it. Could be worth asking again - and if we were to suggest that those who want to use LingQ to learn it can chip in to pay someone to do it, then that might help. I can also ask on the subreddit.

Sounds sensible. I guess Hindi or Swahili is likely to turn out to be the top priority, but I am not sure if the LingQ staff have already decided to hire a translator for Hindi. I know that I’ve tapped up at least three people who agreed to help and then didn’t.

I’ll ask in the group. No harm asking :slight_smile:

It looks liked they have started working on Hindi already.
It would be nice to have a page in which we could see what languages are already being translated.

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We could use the OP of this thread for that reason. If people post on this thread or my wall the progress that they are making in the languages that they try to get translated. When I could update the status of the translations. Actually Zoran has a similar thread for MS that are already up on Lingq.

If I remember correctly I created this thread originally based on that idea. I think it would also be best to always ask to be sure. I read on another thread that there was one member that had asked someone to translate and record the first twenty MS without realizing that the first 20 were already done.