Lingq message says comment posted on your wall...but there isn't

I received an email message from Lingq saying that a certain person had posted a comment on my wall, and then it gave the content of the message (quite a suggestive one, asking for my email address), and saying go to your wall to reply to the message. But there is no such message on the wall, and it looks like some sort of scam may be being played. Do you have any idea what this is?

I see that others have had the same message from ‘babykiss’ and the message has been taken off the wall.

Hi David,

You are in fact correct. When we deleted the account, all items related to that account were also deleted, including whatever (inappropriate) messages they posted on others’ walls. It’s a way to ensure that messages from spammers don’t stay stuck on your wall indefinitely.

Babykiss strikes again! Thanks for taking care of it Alex!

Hehe, you’ve got Mark to thank this time around :slight_smile: