LingQ mentioned at Wanhoffs Podcast and Infotainement Podcast

Wanhoff mentioned LingQ in the last to episodes.
In “Wanhoffs wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft, Folge 186 vom 03.08.2008, Teil 1” at the beginning of the podcast.
In “Wanhoffs wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft, Folge 187 vom 10.08.2008, Teil 7” at the end of the podcast.
Also he mentioned us on his page and there are also Links to LingQ:
Wanhoffs is a very wellknown podcast an in all relevant German Podcast Charts represented.
I think this is great!

Another great news:
We are mentioned on the website of one of the most popular german podcast “Wissenspodcast mit AHA-Effekt! Der Infotainment-Podcast”.
I think this is also great. Here is the link:
This Podcast is in the Top 100 of Audio Podcasts at iTunes and also in the chart of a lot wellknown podcast portals in Germany.


This is great news, and it is thanks to your hard work in finding these podcasts, creating transcripts for them, and communicating with them. Thank you very much.

What you have done is a model of how we hope to work with mainstream podcasters in different languages to provide them with some value added (transcripts), make their content available to our members, and at the same time ask them to mention us. If they get interested in LingQ and speak well of us, that is a great benefit, since they have credibility with their listeners.


I like to help LingQ coming up because I believe in LingQ.

I don’t ask the podcast provider to mention LingQ, they did it by themselves. But I tried to get a good relationship with them. I think this is the better working way. If it seems like a business they maybe wouldn’t give the allowance to use their podcasts.

I’m glad that and hope it make an effect.