LingQ Meetup in Amsterdam October 7th? Calling all Dutch LingQers

I hear from Steve that the meetup in Prague was a great success! I know it’s short notice but I will be in Amsterdam for the day on Sunday, October 7th. Do we have any members in the area who would like to get together for lunch or a coffee somewhere? Let me know, or post about it here on this string. It would be great to get to meet some Dutch LingQers! I don’t know Amsterdam at all so if you’re interested, let me know where you would like to meet. I will be coming to the centre of town from the airport.

I know of a tourist who went into a charming little coffee shop in Amsterdam and ordered a nice little cake from the counter to go with his coffee.

(Folks who know Amsterdam can guess the rest!)

Quick, get in there, before they are all outlawed!

Well, I imagine it will boost the trade in greenhouses no end if they ARE all closed down…! :-0

Looks like nobody can make the meetup so I may have to venture into some of their coffee shops…! :slight_smile:

If you feel like travelling to Bavaria next week, you could meet me and Matt (Login - LingQ).

I wish I could. I will be in Latvia most of the week and could meet up there but I’m not sure of my schedule yet. Any Latvian LingQers out there who want to meet in Riga next week, let me know!


Hi Mark,

I live very close to the Dutch border, but Amsterdam is relatively far to the West of the country, so a train trip back and forth to Amsterdam would be too expensive for me. Therefore I will miss this chance for my very first LingQ - meeting.

As I know the Netherlands very well, may I give you an important advice? Don’t ever visit a “coffee shop” in the Netherlands because this is a place where it is legally allowed to sell soft drugs like marihuana. You should rather visit a “café” in Amsterdam and have a nice “koffie met gebak” there or something similar.

If you have specific questions about the Netherlands feel free to ask me here in this forum.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the tip Fasulye! I wasn’t aware of that naming distinction although I am aware that Amsterdam is known for legalized marijuana. I will stay away from the coffee shops! Now all I need are some LingQ members who want to meet at a “cafe”!