LingQ - Lucas Testimonial

Hello students, if you don’t know , my name is Lucas, I’m 19 years old and am studying English on LingQ since November 16, 2010.
I decided to learn English because I really wish live abroad. I worked at a company that all you here know called Samsung, the people there only spoke English all the time and I did not understand anything. After some time I realized that people that speak English have a very good job opportunities, has a very good salary, and the people are seen with other eyes in the labor market.
I decided to take more seriously my studies because I really wanted to understand what people were talking and after a few months things started to get easier, understood more, I could read well but still lacked some reward for all this effort I was having. For those wondering, I studied about 3 hours every day with LingQ, over time English was not getting easier and not took both my time, and now as I’m working I spend about 1h 30 reading and listening at LingQ.
But also I come and go from the job listening my podcast on mp3.
Almost after two years studying English I started working in a company of international health agreements, worked for 6 months and I was promoted, but still was not what I wanted, because for those who love to learn languages the ​​best job would be speaking these languages. The company where I work now has about three thousand employees. Last month the company opened a job opportunity for people who have English as a second language, the job would be support for international customers, answering emails, and solve all the problems they have, but believe it or not, no person applied for this job. A friend of mine who knew I was studying languages ​​at LingQ he referred me to your boss and the next day his boss said I had an interview entirely in English with you Lucas. I was scared because I understand very well, but here in Brazil I never had the opportunity to practice my English with people.
I went for the interview in English, I was very nervous, but when I started talking it seemed I was not there, nor did I know that I was able to speak English like that.
The next day I received the news that I passed the test of conversation but they would still have two more tests, writing and translation.
I did the translation test and it was very easy because I read a lot, but I was not good in writing test because had several terms that are used only in “business” but I could substitute other words that I studied before.
And once again I received the news that I passed the test and had to do another interview with the manager of the company.
Last Friday I went to the interview with the manager of the company and he praised me congratulated me and said Lucas, you was promoted. I do not have words to explain what I’m feeling and I needed to come here to share with you my story.
If you have determination and goals I’m sure you’ll achieve your goals. Thank you to all the staff who helped me at LingQ and keep helping.
I will always be eternally grateful for all.

If you want, you can.

Congratulations Lucas, and thank you for telling us about your success. I fully agree that in language learning, more than in most other areas of activity, if we want to, we really can.

What a great story. Thank you for sharing it with us, and congratulations on your new job!

Congratulations! And what an awesome success story.

Good for you Lucas! Congratulations!

Way to go Lucas! Glad to hear your hard work is paying off!

Congratulations! And thank you for sharing this on LingQ. Good luck!

Hi ! Congratulations and good continuation to you Lucas …

Great story, Lucas! Congratulations!

Congratulations from me, too! I remember you from your very first beginnings here on LingQ. You’ve shown amazing dedication and deserve all the praise you are getting!

Thanks for all, I’m so happy.

Awesome! Congratulations for your hard work! Thanks for sharing.

Sweet! Enjoy your new job responsibilities. I’m sure you will find it very rewarding.

Awesome, very proud of you!

Show de bola, Lucas. Parabéns!

Muito inspirador!

Congratulations Lucas!

You deserve it. Congratulations.I am happy to read part of your story. Meus parabéns!