lingQ lists on the bottom of the reading screen

Any way of closing the lingQ lists on the bottom of the reading screen? It takes up half of my screen.

I don’t know a way to have either the vocabulary list or the LingQ box.

Only you can make perhaps the screen a little smaller and then, I think, the aerea is great enough, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, no, but we are working on changing this. Hopefully, you will be able to do this in a few weeks.

I would prefer if all this LingQ feature was on the side of the page instead at the bottom.

In unfamiliar scripts (Japanese) I like to increase the font size. This means that I get to see progressively fewer actual words on the screen, because the split screen effect reduces the actual texty bit quite considerably. If I could either turn off the LingQ part or reduce its size it would help.

Hi Wings, Have you tried to use a smaller text size in your browser? That helps me. Or try to use a higher screen resolution.

thanks for your help. i’ll try the smaller text. keep up the good work!

Hi Konstantia,
earlier we had the loutspeaker bar and other things on the right side.
At first, after it was changed, I thought the same how you are writing, but it was only an readapt.
Now I think it is better how it is.