Lingq limit

How do I eliminate saved lingqs once I reach my limit of 300?

After LingQ start this version, I can’t creat lingQ. If it is concern about lingQ limit?

Ginalong, you do not have enough LingQs to be affected. Please advise what browser you are using. There should not be a problem.

chinajohn, please use help, ( red question mark in top right hand corner) to see how to delete lingqs.

Thank you for your reply,
I think it is possible,… I 'm searching for reasons,
now I’m waiting for my credit card is ordered for about 2weeks,

My dauther won the first in her english writing class, A+++++++

thank you LingQ

My little syster

My little syster is very cute.

She is plump. And her hands are very small.

She is so lovely. " I had grow up, 我成姐姐了," she said.

She makes me laugh.

Her favorite cartoon is ‘The Little Mermaid’

She has her faults: If my mom and I don’t play with her,

she strikes us.

But, she has her virtues: 自理能力强,

all of her teachers praise my sister.

She likes grandpa very much.

What she likes to do is sleeping.

What she likes to eat are chickens and fish.

And she likes make-up… .


I like my sister.

Also, That’s not perfact…^ ^

I still am unable to delete lingqs is something else involved in the steps?

You can either click delete on the LingQ widget or go to the Vocabulary page and select the LingQs to delete and “Delete” from the dropdown menu. Some of the functions may not be working if you are using IE6.

Ok,thank you!!!