Lingq lesson title on an anki flashcard? Possible?

I am thinking to create a deck of flash cards in anki but the content of each flashcard will be the title of a given lesson that I desire to review on lingq by incorporating the space repetition concept, I will use the serial repetition algorithm by anki to dictate me what lesson I need to watch that day. This will ensure smart space repetition suggesting me what lesson to review. Of course, the software will give me 20 lessons at the time but realistically, that will depend of how much time I dedicate to learning language because a deck of 20 cards will be several minutes of lingq content. I would probably end up reviewing 3-5 lessons per day (3-5 anki flashcards on the lingq deck). I would like to experiment on this idea and see what other uses think about this.

It really works.
This is my method, I create a new deck called LingqItalian then on the front of the card I enter the titile of the lesson on the answer I put the lesson website url for example Anki Flashcard 1: front: “La casa, parte 1” and the answer will be: Login - LingQ that’s it! Now, anki tells me which lingq lesson I need to study on any given day, this will ensure that I will continue to repeat each lesson using the anki smart spaced repetition algorithm and I don’t have to decide which lesson I need to review on a given day, anki will tell me. It works for me!.

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