Lingq lesson review process query

This may be a silly question but how does the review process of lingq’s work during a lesson?
When you are reviewing lingq’s created during your lesson, rating the words from 1- 5 or known, does that mean you now know the words completely or only as part of the lesson?
For example, I created a lingq ‘chose’ during a lesson, then reviewed it and rated it 4. The lingq then reappeared during the lesson which I rated known as I had just seen it previously. My question is - will this lingqs appear in my daily reviews in the future as I marked it known or is the lingq only known for that specific lesson? It seems a bit pointless rating a word from 1-5 several times during a lesson if you understand it by the second review.


I’m not sure I understand but the LingQ status is not specific to a lesson. So don’t rate something 4/5 unless you’re pretty sure you’ll recognize the word when you see it again.

For me it is not common to make a brand new word a 4 or 5 after seeing it in just one lesson.

4s can still show up in daily reviews, but not very often.

Until recently, there was no such thing as reviewing LingQs each time you turn a page. So mouseover text for a status rating says “Review in 7 days” etc but actually you’re going to see it when you turn the page (unless you turn that option off). I guess that has some potential to be confusing.