LingQ Language Gathering Panel (Application Form)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all staying safe during these times.

As some of you probably know, LingQ has been running weekly live streams on Steve’s YouTube channel where LingQ members, employees, and other language learners talk about…languages!

If you’d like to be a guest speaker, please use this form:

Thanks and hope to see you all at the next event on Monday, April 13th at 10AM Pacific.


When is 10am Pacific for the rest of the world? If you observe DST then UTC-7, otherwise UTC-8.

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I’m very tempted in signing this.


It’s actually UTC 7 (at this time of year) whether someone else observes daylight time or not.

This is not just a pedantic distinct because converting time zones is confusing enough without inaccuracies.

So 10 AM Pacific is (now) 17:00 UTC. (This will be different in late fall and winter).

UTC never changes for daylight time even when Britain goes onto “summer time”.

Once someone knows 17:00 UTC they can (probably) translate to their own time zone:

Google can help.

  • what is 10am US Pacific time in paris

Though it might be easier to just go to the following site and put in a US west coast city (Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco) and a major city in their own country (e.g., Paris, Berlin, Tokyo)

Seattle time to Paris time conversion

By putting in a city name one doesn’t need to actually know that they are on daylight time (which they are at this time of the year.)

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Well, this is exactly what khardy was asking: depending if the Pacific time is in DST or not, since UTC does not change… If Pacific time wouldn’t observe DST it would be UTC -8, but because they do, the time zone is currently at UTC -7, so you could’ve just answered their question:

It’s at UTC -7

Yes, by “if you observer DST” I meant “you folks in Vancouver”. I don’t know Canadian/British Columbian summer time practices, nor should I need to. Apologies if “you” was too ambiguous as it could be read as “you the reader”.

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Are you guys doing this every week or no?

I can’t remember who said it but it’s supposed to go on as long as this whole Corona virus stuff is keeping people at home.

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Does anyone know how to make a new post. There is no button to do that

When is the next live stream, and I would like to either be part of it or just watch it live?