LingQ keeps crashing when ever I try to open it from my iPhone

LingQ keeps crashing when ever I try to open it from my iPhone

Are you using LingQ app or website version? If you are using the app, can you please send log reports after it crash? That will help us to identify the issue.
You can also try to reinstall the app and check if that will help. Thanks!

inb4 ‘that’s strange, it never happens to me’ from Mark :wink:

Bugs like these are what are keeping potential customers away.


I have the same problems sometimes with the iphone. Sometimes I will be in the middle of a course reading or what not and it will suddenly close the app. I then open it again and it will crash again. After opening it a few times it finally quits crashing.

@guy106 and @5coppock5 I’ve found crash reports related to both of your accounts and I believe that they should be fixed if you update to 4.3.5 and iOS 11.1. If they continue after that please send us an email via the app settings page so we can get a better look at your logs.

Yeah, keep updating until LingQ requires you to update to a version that your “old” devices can’t run. Then you have to buy something new in order to use LingQ when other apps and software for your iPhone and iPad keeping working fine. If the LingQ apps were running fine at first, then all of sudden they weren’t, why does it “always” require an update?

Great, Thank you!