LingQ is such a nightmare sometimes

I have been uploading full chapters of a book onto LingQ. And because the chapter is over 2,000 words its gets separated into multiple lessons like usual. But some of the lessons wont open up. which is a problem that I have already made on a previous post. Course Disappears Every Time I Add A Lesson To It. - Lang...

I was told that this uploading issue worked on the new version of LingQ. So I deleted that chapter on the “old” version of LingQ and re uploaded it on the current “new” version of LingQ. And it worked fine. But now I need to go into the lessons and edit it to get rid of all of the hyphens which I always have to do (which isn’t an issue). Now after I got rid of all of the hypens from the words it doesnt let me open the lesson on the “old” version of LingQ or the “new” version of LingQ! What a nightmare! What am I suppose to do??
LingQ is filled with so many bugs and errors its unbelievable sometimes. I have been using this site for a long time now, and sometimes it feels like LingQ is moving backwards rather than forwards.


The “new” is still in beta so there may still be bugs needing to be worked out, but I get your frustration.

Where are the hyphens coming from? I haven’t experienced that when importing a book or article. I guess mine have always been formatted such that they don’t have hyphens. Still it seems it should open somewhere.

Have you tried the “Regenerate Lesson” button on the left hand side when editing the lesson?

I haven’t tried importing a book recently. Probably time to try all of this again in the beta since I know they’ve added some changes since I last tried.

Hyphens aren’t an issue if you’re importing ebooks. But, often printed books separate some words at the end of a line. So, once you import the book you have to go back in, delete the hyphens and reconnect the half words.

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Strange that you are unable to open a lesson in Beta. What exactly happens when you try?

Can’t the book be converted into a word file in Calibre, and the hyphens be removed by the replace text processor function before importing it? I think I have done this before with a pdf that had hyphens

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Agree with what you’re saying. It’s not entirely clear the “how” and the “what” of what Mark is doing. It might be helpful if he lays out exactly what he’s doing so at least support and dev teams (or even us laypeople) can help him out.

Mark -

  1. What kind of content is this? i.e. is it an ebook? Is it a scanned printed book? Something else?
  2. If it’s an ebook, why not just import as ebook? Or is it that you are trying to better preserve the chapter designations?
  3. Why not get rid of the hyphens in some text editing software (notepad++ or something similar)? I think others in the past have suggested putting content in text editors to get rid of extra “junk” from word processing or other types of inputs. It may help and with something like notepad++ you can get rid of all the hyphens at once (replace hyphen + the carriage return + linefeed with nothing.

Not sure if any of that helps and I still haven’t played around enough with the import in beta to be of much help at this point.