LingQ is more popular with elderly people

“Relative to the general internet population, 55-64 year olds are greatly over-represented at”
Amazon Alexa

According the statistics at Alexa, LingQ is more popular with elderly people. What do you think of this fact?

I happen to belong to the age group.

Learning a foreign language is time consuming and elderly people have probably more time to dedicate in the process.

How does this site Alexa know how old I am and how many children I have? Neither did I mention my education to anybody…
I belong to the age group: 35-44

Alexa’s method is based on spot samples, and because of insufficient samples this service over/underestimates the real range of the certain sites.
How do Alexa decide about the age of LingQs member? I don’t see the age in profiles.

People who study at LingQ start to age rapidly.

Essentially, all those site ranking sites are extremely unreliable as sources of information. By asking a few of you to install the Alexa toolbar we have shot way up in our Alexa rank while our real traffic has only slightly increased. Compete seems a little harder to fool so far although I suspect fewer of you installed the Compete toolbar as well as Alexa. I don’t believe the data provided by these sites, however, please install the Alexa and Compete toolbars if you haven’t already! :wink: Unfortunately, 3rd party observers such as bloggers, journalists etc… do look at these rankings to give them an idea of site popularity which undoubtedly affects their decision to write about us.

great joke Steve, but someone could finish with LIngQ in order not to age rapidly

Hahaha I don’t apply to any of those age ranges. I defy lingq reality.

The only way not to age is to save a lot LingQs. LingQing is the secret to eternal youth.

I don’t believe that-even though your outlook is youthful. I’m not a senior citizen, but I don’t see people who are in the 55-64 range as “elderly”. In the US, retirement age is 65 for some people, but other people start getting social security benefits at age 62. I think of “elderly” as people in their 70s and up. It depends on the person’s outlook on life.

I am 21 and I consider myself elderly

Really? Why? Perhaps you mean mature for your age, or what some people call “an old soul”.

According to the Alexa site, there is an footnote below the data I quoted, that is, “Confidence: low.” I think that it means that the difference is not statistically significant because the number of samples are not large enough…

“the number of samples is not …”

“there is a footnote …”

Studies on these ‘unreliable’ sites have shown that that consistent Lingqing and regular prostate exams all lead to longer more satisfying lives.

Like I’ve always said there’s nothing like the 4th track from “Who is She” and a trans-rectal to brighten your day…

I’ve saved about 2000 LingQs, how much younger I am now?

My fifties have passed fast, and there are some years left before I turn sixty-five. I do not know if there is an appropriate expression for this age group, although my mental age is still thirty-five.


It is a gradual thing, but I bet you feel younger already. Now go out and do something stupid that you will be sorry for.