LingQ is looking for a Content Manager and Learner Success Manager

We are looking for a Content Manager and Learner Success Manager to help us continue to make LingQ better. And,who better for both of these positions than a LingQ member who understands what we do and how LingQ works! Review the job descriptions below. For further details and to find out how to apply, go to our Jobs page Join Our Team. Look forward to hearing from you!

Content Manager
Job Description :

  • Manage, curate, and oversee the generation and organization of all content in LingQ’s multi-language content libraries.
  • Help design how the content is displayed, to ensure relevant content discovery for learners.
  • Produce explanatory material, videos, webinars, etc…to ensure learners know how to find content relevant to their interests and level, within LingQ’s libraries.
  • Produce material, videos, webinars, etc. explaining how to find relevant content outside of LingQ’s libraries, and how these can be integrated with LingQ.
  • Find and make members aware of content sources and other information relevant to the languages offered at LingQ.
  • Seek out potential partnerships for LingQ, with providers of professionally produced content that would be of benefit to LingQ’s users.
  • Measure and review content interaction on our apps, both native content and imported, to make sure we are improving content interaction.
  • Regularly review the quality and appropriateness of content in our libraries.
  • The successful candidate must be a good communicator, spoken and in writing. Preference will be given to applicants who have achieved fluency in a number of languages. LingQ’s goal is to optimize language learning from compelling content. The task of optimizing the content itself is an important new challenge. Therefore, the successful candidate must show dedication to this task, enthusiasm and be a willing learner.

We are looking for someone to be responsible for managing the customer journey from the newbie stage through to managing retention long term. This includes maintaining and keeping our help materials up to date, keeping users aware of new functionality as it develops and letting users know how to get the most out of our application. Most importantly, it means analyzing and optimizing our new user messaging across platforms and optimizing this messaging to bring about the desired usage of our core features.

Job Description

  • Refine and optimize new user onboarding to increase new user engagement and success
  • Refine and optimize ongoing user interactions in order to improve retention in the short and longer term
  • Communicating with and understanding churned users in order to improve ongoing onboarding and retention efforts
  • Develop and execute creative strategies for encouraging usage of new and existing functionality
  • Interact and work with the product team to help determine product strategy and design
  • Manage, create, and update support information including knowledge base articles, videos and in app user guides.
  • Source additional high quality learning content and partnerships to enhance the learner experience
  • Implement strategies to foster community involvement
  • A/B test all aspects of web and mobile activation messaging
  • Use analytics tools and key metrics to drive all decisions
  • Manage localization of support materials

Glad to see this! It’s good to hear that the team is looking to expand and improve!