LingQ is Hiring!

We are looking to grow our development team to help deliver LingQ 5.0 and to continue improving all of our apps thereafter. We are currently looking to fill the following 4 positions:

  • React.js Developer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • QA Tester

You can find more details on our Jobs page Join Our Team.

If you or someone you know has skills and the interest to help us keep driving LingQ forward, we would love to hear from you. Obviously, anyone who uses LingQ and is familiar with our app and our mission will have a leg up on other applicants!


Is it fairly simple for LingQ to hire people who aren´t Canadian citizens?

Hi Mark - Are there any openings on the business/marketing side? Inquiring for a friend of a friend…

Not really. We are looking for contractors here if abroad or Canadians.

Not at the moment but we are always happy to receive interest/resumes from those interested in joining our team and we can keep these in mind for other openings which come up.

Hi Mark - just to clarify, is it worth applying if outside Canada? I’m in New Zealand, but very interested in the React position! I understand preference would be given to those in-country, but does that rule out foreign applicants altogether?

Hi Chris, yes, definitely worth applying. We are looking globally to fill these positions. The majority of our team is already remote.

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Would have loved to work for LingQ, having been a programmer for many years and having one year of QA testing as well, but I just haven´t worked on the technologies required for the programming positions and lack a few of the requirements for the QA position and last worked in QA in 2005, so it would be a bit of a stretch. But who knows what the future holds. I might learn React in the near future and get back to programming and then who knows.

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Thanks Mark, that’s really good news. I’ve submitted my application!

Hello, I am recently graduated from university and my great passion is languages. my native language is Spanish but I have learned in a self-taught way english, français, italiano, portugues and deutsch. I have experience as a private teacher in 2 of them. I am interested in helping people to learn languages ​​in a fast and fun way. I want to know if there is any work that I can do with lingQ. I love this app and I am a great admirer of Steve Kaufman, Luca Lampariello and other great polyglots and I want to become like that.

Hi Guillermo, thanks for your interest in working for LingQ! We aren’t currently looking to fill any positions but send us your resume and we can keep it on file in case future opportunities arise.