Lingq is good for kids?

I’m Flavio from Brazil. My nephew is 8 years old and my sister (his mother) is looking for a APP to learning English. I recommed Lingq but I don’t know wether Lingq has good interaction for kids as lingq is basically import video, reading and listening and my nephew doesn’t like to read.
What do you recommend? Another APP or tracional school.
Thanks (Sorry my English, I’m learing)

I think LingQ can be useful for kids. Not sure if anyone here has some experience with it. It might take a little bit of help to get them going, although kids are usually pretty smart and figure electronics out better than adults =)

Unfortunately, I think someone that doesn’t like to read probably will have trouble attaining a higher level in another language unless they are exposed to a lot of speakers. Enjoying reading really helps so much.

Kids might enjoy something like duolingo or memrise as well as they are more “game-ified”.

Another thing to consider is that really the lingQ app, to get the most out of it really requires a subscription. Depending on the children’s level of commitment it may not be worth it, but you will have to decide. Kids are fickle.

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I am looking for information on this as well since I have been thinking about getting a premium account for my children.

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I think it pretty much depends on whether the child enjoys reading since this is the main activity here.

I guess it can only go two ways. He either dislikes it ecause he does not like to read or the incentive and reward of learning a new language gets him interested in reading.

Why dont you just let him try it out and get his feedback instead of ours. The premium discount can be cancelled again at anytime so you will not have to make a big investment.


I belong to an Asian family, I’m looking for a language course that is suitable for 9 to 10 old kids, it’s almost the end of the summer, and I think it’s time to go back to school.

I tryed lingq with my 10 years old daughter. She is interested in corean and I created some lessons with the musics and shows that she likes, but its not working. I realized that she is more open to gamelike apps, like duoling. Sadly there is no corean from portuguese on duolingo, in the other hand, she is learning english at the same time by her own.

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Lingq is heavy on reading and she would need to be a very high reader in her mother tong first. I think pimsleur or rosetta stone would be better for her age.

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i think it would be great for middle school and higher. My 7 year old still has trouble reading complex things so not sure it would be good for her. However she did like duolingo. Probably because it was like a game. Lol.

Reading is a cheat code, if you don’t use it you’re gonna have a bad time…


Maybe, it’s better to start with some YouTube videos like MUZZY etc.
But in two years you can add some easy courses from Lingq.