LingQ is broken!

This is a relatively new glitch now where if you import a new lesson that has more text than can “fit” on one lesson (this one’s beyond me) the second, third, fourth, fifth will be destroyed. Only the first one actually has new words. All the others are wordsmashedtogetherlikethisandyoucan’tgetanynewwords
When will this be fixed, or ever?

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Can you please post a link to one of these lessons? Did you imported them manually or through extension or import ebook feature?

I imported them through the extension. I edited in a picture to the main post

I’ve had this problem a lot also

This kind of behavior happened to me various times already. Usually what I do it’s just click “edit lesson” and then “save & open” and it goes away.


Doing that and clicking view course and going back in actually worked!

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I´ve done the same thing in the past. It´s weird how that works.