LingQ is a great community

As a member of this great community I have interest how many members are there with LingQ in total, per country, language, and how many Free-Plus-Premium are there and so on? Mark, do you keep statistics?

Hi junair,

To be honest we’re not really comfortable divulging that information but I will say that we don’t have nearly as many members both free and paying as we would like. Up until this point we have been hesitant to aggressively promote but after our recent changes we are now going to be shifting our focus from development to marketing. We will, of course, continue to improve the site but we will hopefully also start to drive a lot more traffic to the site.

Any help you can give us in promoting the site will be much appreciated and will benefit all of us on the LingQ Community.

I do appreciate your interest! And support!

Thank you Mark for your answer,

I admit I shouldn’t ask about free and paying members. I’m sorry about that. I’ve just been curious about total number of members. And I believe it will be growing. Personally I always recommend LingQ to my friends.

Try it.

Let’s pretend you want to know how many people learn english at LingQ

Go to the page where you look for friends.

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Learning: English