LingQ interface


How I can see which Lesson i had already read and listen when I opened collection? A number of unfamiliar words do not show up. I could see it before but a couple of days ago LingQ interface was changed.

Hi stariy,

Lessons that you have opened already will show “Open”, whereas lessons that are new will show “Add” next to them. Also, be sure to refresh the page if you notice any errors, since the site was just updated a couple of days ago.

Hi Alex,

How about showing a number of unfamiliar words in each lesson of collection?

You can still see the number of new words in a lesson by searching in the Library and by going to the My Lessons page. You will no longer be able to see the number of new words on the Collection page, however.

Wait alex!!!. But if you delete a learned lesson, then when you go to the library it shows the “ADD” button. As if you had never taken that lesson before.

Since there is no way to organise the lessons you take, I always delete them. And yes, to archive them is just pushing the chaos there. I don’t like chaos, so better delete them.

This does appear to be different from before the update…

I wonder how many people delete lessons rather than archiving. It might be a better idea for now to archive lessons, since we do have it on our list to restructure the My Lessons page and Archive section to make it easier to sort through everything.

Anyways, we’ll take a look at it and see what can be done.