Well I’m still pretty new to this site, but so far it’s pretty awesome. One thing I’d like to ask all of you is, have you ever deleted your LingQ’s after you learned them? Or do you keep it as a track reference to know how many words you know?

Oh sure, I delete them all the time after I learn them. The words you know should appear on your profile page. They’ll be next to the language or languages you are learning.

I keep my words. But it’s your choice. Free members have a limit of 300 LingQs so they have to delete some LingQs it they want to create new ones. But for paying members is no need to delete LingQs. I don’t delete my LingQs because I can see my LingQed words on the lesson page. I like this feature. Also it could happen that you forget a learned word. You can easily change the status it this happens it the LingQ is still there. Like I said: It’s your choice.

Hello, Vera. I get so many vocabulary pages if I don’t delete them. I must have ten pages in some languages.

This is no problem for me. I use tags and status to select LingQs. Maybe I’m like a messie with my LingQs :slight_smile:

@ Maitee: Only 10? I “don’t know” so many words that my pages exceed yours by a mile or two!

Yes, I haven’t deleted mine either since I purchased basic membership. I’m just questioning the efficiency of this decision.

Okay, I look into that. Thanks.

Hi, Sanne! I don’t know what others do. Maybe a mile is the norm here. I found that the Homepage top twenty-five helps me to remember words almost painlessly.

I don’t mean that I never forget a word:)

The flashcard thing is very very useful imo.

Do you, I have so far not paid much attention to the top 25: might be useful to do that! Thank you.

Keep the LingQ’s!!!

The power of LingQ lies in, well, the LingQ’s. You may think you have learned a word but three months, six months or one year later when you see that word again you mind may go blank. If you keep LingQ’s, all your hints will still be there to remind you what the words are. If you are a paying member, there is really no need for you to delete any LingQ’s.

I’m learning Japanese so some word I create LingQs for 3 times over: in romaji, in kana and in kanji. One day I will go through and delete all the words written in romaji, because they aren’t “words” as such, just different ways of writing the same word. When I do that my known words will drop by several hundred, but I can create that many new LingQs in a weekend so it won’t trouble me for long :wink:

“I must have ten pages in some languages.”

Ten pages?! I have 370 pages with Chinese words (and that’s my weak language).

Do you guys happen to know any good dictionary site for Russian?

Oh, I have only 264 with English words. I vote for Jeff as the king of LingQing!

I have 4 pages for French. To much of a newbie at the moment! :smiley:

I’ve got 199 pages in French (25 per page). Given that Steve has created more than 28700 LingQs in Russian, divided by 25 (per page), that must be about 1150 pages of LingQs? Now that’s a lot of LingQs!

For Russian dictionaries, try the ones offered by the LingQ widget (Lingvo:; Google Translate). may also be useful