LingQ-ing Problems

Over the last few days I have been encountering a lot of strange LingQ-ing behavior. Sometimes I create a LingQ and then the same LingQ attaches to the next unknown word. I have to reload the page to correct the problem. I also have experienced multiple words being LingQ’d in succession, when I only selected a single hint for a single word. There have been many cases of words being mis-selected when I clicked on a particular unkown word. Instead of getting the usual list of hints for that word, suddenly an entirely different word or expression or block of text (!) gets selected. Again, I have to reload the page to sort things out. These are serious problems that have only appeared recently. Are you aware of these problems, and if so, when can users expect a return to normal? LingQ-ing is probably the single most important thing we do on LingQ. I hope that fixing the problem is a high priority.

As always, thanks for you efforts. I only lodge this complaint because LingQ is such a great resource.

I’ve been experiencing some of these problems too (especially the first one), I have to refresh most lessons a couple of times due to strange Lingq-ing behaviour. It would be good to know whether this is a known issue.

It happens both with Chrome and with Firefox. For me, the time on task for creating LingQs has easily tripled.

Yup. Known bug for… well, almost a year now?


I can’t use Lingq now. Impossible to study my lesson and learning words as usual . I only can review them on vocabulary . I have just the half screenshot when I get a lesson . Is it a bug ? Thanks a lot to help me!

This is a known problem. I can’t find the thread where it was reported for the first time.

That’s why I refrained from upgrading and stopped using LingQ. I am now only using the forum from time to time. LingQ Without Toads …

Captcha: three attempts – p***es me off, too

Strange that this is a known problem for as long as suggested. For me the cluster of issues I described has been a recent experience, and I have been quite active LingQ-ing lessons for several months.

@edthird - we are very sorry about that. It is on our list. We are now working on the Lesson page. As soon as the minimized view is completed, we will be able to spend time on LingQing issue and try to solve it as soon as possible. Sorry for this inconvenience.