LingQ incorrectly tracking number of times audio is listened to

I’ve noticed this seems to happen quite a bit. This morning, I opened a lesson that I had already listened to 5x. I listened to it again in LingQ on my Galaxy S9. When I finished, I backed out of the lesson and returned to the my lessons feed of the Android app and see that it shows my total listen count is now at 6 which is correct. Then, I head over to my desktop and pull up LingQ in Edge and see that that same lesson now says I listened to it 7x. Huh? I went back to LingQ on Android and now it too shows 7x.

Anyone else experiencing this? It is quite frustrating. Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to ask, is there a way to easily adjust the listen count from the desktop website? I know you can add to the number of listens easily, but to subtract, I have to go into the Android app where I can easily decrease the number of listens.