Lingq improvement

Lingq improvement

This isn’t shaping up to be as interesting as the last thread you started.

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Sorry I hit ENTER before writing about what I wanted to discuss in this thread .

I have some ideas to improve Lingq’s platform. I am aware that these ideas may have been suggested by others in the past but the more wanted a proposal is the higher the chance to be implemented in the future .

1.I talked about this recently but I didn’t get any feedback. I was suggesting that for each rose received by others , those who don’t have a Premium Account should get 10 lingqs .

2.We all know about the ‘‘words of writing’’ feature,so I wander if adding each word that we write in a post ( other than our native language) should be counted .

3.In the Vocabulary section there may be a feature for cross words . We all know that if we combine learning with fun the result will be better ( even tough I presume that an algorithm for this may be difficult to create).

I also wander what ideas can other Lingqers can come up with .

Rose thing might get abused. Think! People giving themselves roses. You can actually do that.

I said roses which we receive from others not ourselves .

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@MADARA - Thanks for your suggestions! These are some interesting ideas, and some things that we’ll keep in mind as we move forward :slight_smile:

I like all the suggestions!

I don’t think the rose issue would occur, because I assume there is a way to eliminate the possibility of being able to give yourself roses.

I wrote a LingQ-Crossword about 8 months ago. It’s up on GitHub - shaunpatterson/lingq: LingQ stuff and LingQ is free to steal my terrible terrible code

Another idea came to my mind .  I was thinking that besides 'words of reading' we should also have a section for 'sentences of reading' and also 'sentences of writing'. 

  I'm suggesting this because we all know that words as isolated items are of no use for us . It's only when they are put in a logical sentence that we can make ends meet of their meaning .


Just figure out how many words are in the average sentence, then divide number of words read by that number. No reason for a meter here - the large quantily of reading one can do here will cancel out sentence length discrepancy.

Example: The average number of words in an English sentence is about 14. If you read 10000 words that’s roughly 714 sentences.

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@MADARA - Thanks again for your suggestions! Although we are not planning to make immediate changes, we will keep in mind your ideas.

The library has an additional filter.

New Words Percent
1 - 5%
5 - 10%
10 - 15%
15 - 25% - please split into 15-20% and 20-25%
> 25%

Please split one of them into 15-20% and 20-25% as shown above. I mean, please add a new 6th check box.

@David: I understand your position on this . It’s just that I was thinking of Mike Campbell’s sentence mining method and it seemed more relevant to have a sentence counter too.

@Galina: You’re welcome. I hope that in the future I’ll be able to be useful to this neat site. I was thinking of making some lessons for Romanian but my mic is rather shabby ( or maybe I can try to convert them at a higher quality or something).

@MADARA: “… I was suggesting that for each rose received by others , those who don’t have a Premium Account should get 10 lingqs…”

That’s an interesting idea - but it could possibly be open to abuse. Friends could do a kind of rolling mutual benefit act, giving each other roses for every single post!

I suppose another approach would be to introduce a kind anti-rose button (a “black rose” if you will) and only award bonus points to those with no black roses at the end of each month??

(As for me, I would rather enjoy getting black roses - it would make me feel like the bad guy from a 1970s martial arts movie! :-D)

Does anybody else need it?

15 - 25% - please split into 15-20% and 20-25%

I would also prefer to narrow the search criteria manually, for example 17-19%
Is it difficult to extend the finctionality with adding at least a new check box?

@ Prinz
(: ha ha
Thats a Great Idea!
80 black roses, and only studying beta languages, thats a badboy profile right there.

@Ress - thank you for your good suggestion. We do not have any immediate plans to change that filter but we will keep your idea in mind for our future updates and improvements.

I would support the idea of Ress. It makes a lot of sense. But much more I would love to see the library search working at all!

Yes vera there is a need for improvement. I love humor and others subjects but the searches for these don’t work in the library.

Ooops. I just checked it again and punched in humor for beg 1 and 2 and several lessons popped up. And one came up for short shorties. Glad its working, I only wish there were more lessons like these. I guess when I get into the intermediate level there might be more lessons like this.