LingQ importer youtube audio import not possible?

When I import a Youtube video with LingQ Importer, it does not import the audio from the video. .Only when I watch the video, the audio is played, but I want to play the audio without the video and read the text in parallel.

You should actually get audio too when importing YouTube content. Does it happen with any video you open?

Hey there, same for me. I did upload a lot of videos from a few Youtube Channels in Mandarin and Korean and since a few weeks the orginial audio gets not imported anymore, no matter what I am trying. I did deinstall the extension and downloaded it freshly in both, chrome and egde without success. I cleared all my caches, without success. I am really starting to get despreate, as I use lingq on my BOOX airnote 2 and there I can not read along when playing the YouTube video. It is asking me if I would like to create the audio which is then a weird roboter translator voice, which is obvisouly nothing I would like to listen to. I need the audio and text. For me importing is the main reason for using Lingq, I love this platform dearly but withouth a functioning import option, it is useless to me. It appears as if this issue keeps popping up since years for different users. Does this mean that there is no way that it will be fixed for people who are unlucky and run in to this issue? Thanks in advance, I am still hopefull that will be gone but I keep trying wioth different videos from different channels every other day.

@Kenui_ We no longer import audio from YouTube, due to breaking their rules. From now on, when importing from YT you will get the video and subtitles only.