Lingq importer with Animelon - Japanese

Hi has anyone used the importer on the animelon website lately?
Ive tried to import an episode and its pulled in the text no problem but the audio hasnt loaded yet. I just get the spinning circle, its been running for a few hours now which i would have thought is too long.
Does anyone know if the importer still works on this site for audio?


Hi Todo - LingQ still works with Animelon, however some episodes don’t…this is something on Animelon’s side, not LingQ’s. In the meantime, you can try importing from which also works with the extension.

Hello Eric - new to LingQ here… I tried to import both Death Note Ep 1 and Shirokuma Cafe Ep 1 and have the same problem as mentioned in the original post. The text imports but the audio just spins indefinitely.

Also, I could not find the Chrome version of the lingq-importer. Does this no longer exist?


Update. Nothing on Animelon worked with the importer, I tried 5 different episodes.

One out of 2 attempts on Anisub worked.

Tried 3 or 4 YouTube videos and none worked.

Is the importer broken? This was using Firefox.


It should be fine now, we had some issues but those were fixed yesterday. :slight_smile: