LingQ Importer opens the old reader

When I import the lesson via the LingQ Importer (in Chrome) and click on “open lesson” in the little window, it takes me to the old reader (the one with “/workdesk/” in the URL). Is there a way to make go to the new version (the one with paging)?

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Wow, you like the new reader…
I prefer the classic one.

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I joined LingQ last year in November and so I’ve never seen the “Old Reader”. But a lot of people seem to like it. Why do you prefer the classic version?

  1. Because I used to.
  2. Because I don’t need to turn pages.
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Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Imported lessons opens in new reader for me. For which study language that happens in your case?

I have the same problem. It happens in Italian, German and French and I use Chrome.

It happens in every language I have tried. The link in the extension leads to, where LN is the language code and NUMBERS are some identifiers of the lesson, which is redirected to the old reader.

Let’s suppose it’s a feature. Definately not a bug for me.