Lingq importer on Safari

The Lingq importer on Safari used to work but now it doesn’t. It gives me a white box which messes up my whole browser and other windows open. The white box doesn’t go away. It basically crashed my entire browser. When I tried to close my browser the Lingq extension seemed to stop it. My browser won’t close so I had to force quit. It wouldn’t import on Chrome either, saying no captions were found.

Can you please provide a link to a video you are trying to import?
Regarding the Safari importer extension, can you please try to reinstall it?

I reinstalled, it was able to work and import things! but the weird thing is it leaves a white box on my screen that is there even after I close Safari, it just stays there !! (That empty white box is from the Lingq extension)

Can you please let me know what version of Safari and MacOS are you using? Thanks!